In the midst of the fear, uncertainty and suffering caused by COVID-19, there are stories that give us hope. These are stories of sacrifice, of collaboration, and of those with the power to help using that power generously.

Across the Long4Life group we have seen how our people have stepped up and stepped forward, and though they didn’t do it for the recognition, we thought it was important to highlight four such stories.

Inhle Beverages donates water to those in need

The socially and economically vulnerable are disproportionately impacted by the spread of COVID-19 and government’s response. To support them with the necessities they need to survive, Inhle has donated three trucks’ worth of water – tens of thousands of bottles – to three organisations who are distributing them where they are most needed, namely Charity Fusion, SOS Children’s Villages, and the Salvation Army. The water was delivered to the homeless, elderly, and to vulnerable children.

Performance Brands manufactures medical masks

The demand for medical masks has risen drastically as South African health services tackle the spread of the virus. With the first National Lockdown looming, Performance Brands opened discussions with various medical services and suppliers to find a way in which to assist with the manufacturing of face masks. A skilled team of First Ascent pattern makers, cutters, machinists, and packers assembled and have been working tirelessly to produce thousands of masks which are being delivered to medical facilities around the country.

Chill donates Fitch and Leedes Cola to the SANDF

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) have been engaged to assist with South Africa’s response to the pandemic, and have been working tirelessly to enforce law and order and assist with humanitarian efforts. Chill Beverages sought to recognise their work, and give them some comfort, through the donation of nearly half a million cans of Fitch and Leedes Cola at an approximate market value of R1.5 million.

Long4Life executives and board members take pay cut, Long4life donates to Solidarity Fund

The board members and the executive of Long4Life have all elected to take a 30 per cent pay cut for the next three months, commencing April 2020. Long4Life will also donate R1 million to South Africa’s Solidarity Fund to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and aiding the country’s economic recovery.

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