About us Company overview

Long4Life plans to invest in businesses with attractive growth prospects, led by strong, entrepreneurial-minded management teams.

The Board, who collectively have a wealth of operational and deal-making experience across various industries, are responsible for capital allocation and play an active role in identifying, approving and executing attractive investment opportunities.

Long4Life aims to operate a decentralised management structure, providing financial, strategic and management support to its investee companies. Long4Life intends taking a long term view on its chosen investments, while retaining the flexibility to dispose of investments which no longer meet its investment criteria.


Listed on the JSE in April 2017, Long4Life focuses predominantly on lifestyle businesses.

  • What are we deeply passionate about?

    Investing in high quality assets. Partnering with experienced and entrepreneurial management.

  • What we strive to be the best at?

    Unique and flexible investment solutions (capital and strategy).

  • What drives our economic engine?

    Sustainable long term growth and developing a diversified pool of listed and unlisted assets.


  • Businesses with a proven track record;
  • Market leading consumer biased brands;
  • Capital light businesses;
  • Businesses with attractive growth prospects;
  • Businesses with an established market share and strong consumer equity;
  • Strong, experienced and entrepreneurial management teams; and
  • Businesses that are scalable and where we can dominate or lead within the category.


  • Intent on building capability and capacity across the branded lifestyle space – preferably within categories which speak to emerged and emerging consumer;
  • Obsessed with being close to our investment and trading partners, understanding the businesses and markets in which they trade and compete;
  • Passionate about scalable brands with strong consumer equity;
  • Focused on investing in growth categories and growth markets; and
  • Perceived as disruptors of the categories in which we invest. Disruption is part of our DNA.